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Truck Writer Runs in Brampton Municipal Election

Manan Gupta and his supporters submit his nomination from to run for Brampton's municipal elections.

BRAMPTON, ON — The publisher and editor of Road Today, a trucking magazine focusing on new immigrants and South Asian communities, is running for a councillor seat in Brampton.

 “We have the biggest transportation hub here and we need to explore that,” said Manan Gupta who seeks to represent Wards 7 and 8 in Brampton.

His campaign for the municipal election will focus on issues such as high property taxes, creation of local jobs, better recreation facilities, managing growth, reducing traffic gridlock, better accountability, and transparency while raising the profile of Brampton to attract business investment nationally and internationally.

“Trucking is a good occupation for immigrant drivers because it’s not just a way to quickly make money, but it’s a professional career that gives these individuals the challenge but also the opportunity to grow themselves and the economy,” Gupta said.

Gupta, himself an immigrant from India, said Brampton currently has a population of about 550,000, but that it’s a growing city attracting new Canadians and in the next 10 or 20 years, it may have a population closer to 850,000.

“We want it to be a place for people to live and play and grow, but also a place to work. It has a lot of opportunities, but we need to work on some things such as gridlock,” he said.

“There are unique challenges in transportation like gridlock and on the business side and I want to offer my voice as an alternative to the current council because they’re doing the same thing they’ve done for many years and they’ve lost passion for their decision making.”

Gupta is involved in the multicultural community and advocates for safety through his truck show, Road Today Truck Show, and his involvement with the Brampton Road Safety Committee, Road Connections Safety Group, Safety Drives Us and Traffic Safety Coalition. 

He is also the immediate past president for Brampton Safe City Association and an active member of the Brampton Board of Trade for over 10 years and has chaired its Multicultural Committee (now known as Diversity & Inclusion Committee) in the past.

For more information and campaign details, please visit www.manangupta.ca

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good work sir ji.