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Truckers Protest Paper Mill Wages

PORT HAWKESBURY, NS — UPDATED: Shipments to the Port Hawkesbury Paper Mill will start up again after talks yielded results on Sunday morning.

North Eastern Pulp Truckers Association (NEPTA) representative Fred Kennedy said that the group met with management and decided it would be best to resume hauling.

The association is currently creating a list of discussion items for the upcoming meeting with mill management, reports the Cape Breton Post.

In a statement released Friday, the mill held firm that the prices they offer are competitive to others in the industry.

ORIGINAL STORY: Members of a trucking association have staged a protest outside of a Nova Scotia paper mill saying they aren’t receiving fair price for their wood.

The North Eastern Pulp Truckers Association (NEPTA) stopped delivering wood to the Port Hawkesbury Paper Mill on Wednesday because their rate of pay has dropped 15 percent since last year, The Chronicle Herald reports.

The protest comes at a time of year when the paper mill would normally be receiving hundreds of trucks every day.

According to NEPTA president Claude Bourgeois, the mill will probably only have enough wood to last them for a few more days.

Bourgeois met with the managers of the mill yesterday, but nothing has been agreed upon yet.

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I applaud to these guys and just hope that it would spill to entire truck industry. We all need to go on strike and receive fair pay for our loads.

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