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Trucket List: 96-Year-Old Fulfills Dream

Grace Fisher, 96, is finally fulfilling her dream.

NEPEAN, ON. — Grace Fisher, a 96-year-old Lynwood Park Lodge Retirement Resident, gets to cross 'riding in a truck' off her bucket list. And all it took was one call by Lynwood Park's Community Relations Manager Jennifer Hess to her ex-husband.

The initiative, dubbed The Living Dreams program, is by Community LifeCare, the company that owns Lynwood Park Lodge.

The company publishes books of all the dreams fulfilled by residents and passes them around to get, as Hess told, "the juices flowing. "

"Grace said — and she's 96 but fiery — 'I've always wanted to drive one of those great big trucks with all those wheels. You know the ones you see on the highway?'"

You mean like a transport truck, Hess asked.

"Well, yeah, I think that's what you call it. The diesel things," Grace said. "I've always wanted to do that but I've never known anyone who had one."

So Hess called her ex-husband, Duane McLaughlin of McLaughlin Transport in Haley Station, ON. "So I phoned him up and asked if he would be willing to come to Lynnwood and fulfill this lady's dreams. She won't drive it, but let her get in the passenger seat, honk the horn, drive her around on the highway, get some speed up and really give her that dream of riding in a transport truck."

And, like all good truckers and honourable ex-husband's, McLaughlin agreed.

Grace's ride takes place on September 25th at 2pm.

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This is a great article! I am a journalism student in Ottawa, and would love to talk to the writer of this article via phone/email, as I am pitching a story on her in a local newspaper!


God Bless her...Hope she has the time of her life! I am in the trucking industry and would one day like to do that myself...Thanks

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