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Trucking Alliance Calls on Feds to Spark Truck Tech Investment

OTTAWA – With a little bit of government support, the trucking industry can achieve great environmental and safety gains, said David Bradley, president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), to a committee of federal MPs today.

Invited by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities to speak about innovative trends in commercial truck equipment, Bradley pointed to the technological advancements the trucking industry is currently undergoing — smog-free trucks, GHG-compliant tractors, LNG tractors and GHG-compliant trailers.

The economic interests of the trucking industry have never been more closely aligned with the safety and environmental goals of society than they are now, Bradley stressed to the committee.

“Proven technology exists today, right now, that can make our industry even safer, that can level the competitive playing field and make the air we breathe cleaner,” Bradley said in his testimony. “The industry is moving in this direction, but the goal should be to accelerate the penetration of this equipment into the marketplace.

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