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Trucking Alliance Tells Carriers to Take Responsibility for Driver Shortage


OTTAWA — Take a look in the mirror and stop blaming other groups for trucking-related labor problems, says a new report by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA).

Titled CTA Blue Ribbon Task Force on the Driver Shortage, the report aims to take a "comprehensive and honest attempt to tackle" the impending shortage of qualified commercial drivers in Canada.

The key conclusions of the report are:

  • Truck drivers are our most important asset, the face of the industry -- to our customers and to the public, and they are deserving of respect.
  • Truck drivers should have an improved ability to predict what their weekly pay is going to be; compensation packages need to be competitive with or better than alternative employment options and more transparent;
  • Truck drivers should be paid for all the work that they do and earn enough to cover all reasonable out-of-pocket expenses incurred while on the road for extended periods.
  • (Drivers’) time at work should not be wasted — at shipper/consignee premises, waiting for their trucks in the shop, or waiting for a response to a question of their carrier;
  • (Drivers) should be able to rely on their carrier not to interfere with their personal time by (for example) calling them back to work early;
  • Driver wellness should be a top priority for employers;
  • A minimum standard of entry level, apprenticeship or apprenticeship-like truck driver training should be mandatory;
  • Truck driving should be considered a skilled trade and be recognized as such by the various levels and branches of government, standards councils, etc., who certify such things.


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Ohh sure, like it's always our fault!

I recently read in a U.S. publication that the U.S. was short 400 thousand drivers last year. If that is really the case, then there were somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50 million loads that didn't get moved as a result. I would like to know where these loads are?

This is such a to the point article.im am so glad that someone else in the indusrty is seeing one of the Main reasons of driver turnover .

Got class 1 midlife career change due to co. bankruptcy.Nobody in canada will hire you without 1-2 years exp.Driver shortage?More like hiring shortage of carriers own doing.Either they want to poach drivers from other companys or bring in permit drivers by telling gov. they can t find workers!Oh and long hours low pay doesn t help

I would love to get more information on trucking companies that are willing to take on great candidates who want to become truck drivers, but can't afford the $ 8,000 that stands in the way for schooling. I still have to support my family along with my wife's income. I would gladly sign with a company for at least 2 years for the tradeoff. Also, which companies are doing dedicated runs to Florida ? I would like to run Florida/Ontario.

Getting your CDL should just be A License "TO LEARN" the Trucking Industry.
Until the Industry Starts Promoting, in a Positive sense. What the Truck Drivers do for everyone, Via the Media. So John and Jane Q. Public starts getting a more positive image about truck drivers. It will be very Difficult to attract anyone to a Bottom of the Barrel catch basin job. Which is what the Truck Driver Is Portrayed as now to the general public.
I know, I've been painted with that brush.
Chuck L.

what driver shortage? Places like Docktor with adds in kijiji for owner operators for hire, won't bother to get back to you when you e-mail. So then you phone and there always in a meeting and won't return calls, you mean these places? Out of the 8 companies advertising drivers in kijiji only 2 responded. Does this make a driver shortage? How about someone take the initiative to really look at wether there really is a driver shortage or is this the carriers way of making Canadian drivers obsolete so they can hire foreigners. My husband has had over 30 years driving experience with no accidents, and he can't find a job as an owner operator.

I have been a trucker for 13 years and I can assure all that there is no driver shortage.Lots of people have their class 1's.
Young people: don't do it.Stay in school.Trust me, there is no future in the trucking industry,no jobs- just pain.


Only when they have to will they pay more (wages up 30 % in 15 years but houses up 300 % )

70 hr week and 40 hrs pay (equivalent to an entry level government employee.)

Do not go into trucking many trucker are doing other jobs for more money

Drivers need to be paid for time working at 2 times the min wage and the shortage will disapear

trucking is a ponzie scheme,forever looking for drivers,wages are to low and nobody cares if you have 20 years on the road or 2 months.imagine that thinking in other trades,they would laugh you off.time will take care off that industry,put it on its knees and let it collapses .

Is this all talk or do they really mean to change things. I like the last paragraph best >>>Truck driving should be considered a skilled trade and be recognized as such by the various levels and branches of government, standards councils, etc., who certify such things.>>>>>If that ever happens then things will change automatically.

trains dont get it there trucks do.when was the last time you seen a train back into a loading dock of ANY store ANYWHERE at 3 in the morning. without truck drivers the world is toast. the appreciation for all the sacrifice and hard work is way overdue. lets stop all the wheels and see how long it takes before panic sets in when the stores are completely empty.