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Trucking Reps. Talk About Entry-Level Driver Training

OTTAWA— Trucking industry representatives from across Canada are getting together to nail down the knowledge, skills, and abilities that truck drivers are expected have on the job.

It’s a step toward mandatory entry-level driver training and efforts to recognize truck driving as a skilled occupation.

“Each provincial association will invite a broad cross-section of industry members to participate in the [discussions],” says Angela Splinter, CEO of Trucking HR Canada. “These moderated sessions will help us tap into their expertise so that we clearly understand what drivers need to know, and ensure that the information reflects regional realities.”

The sessions are part of the latest phase of the Driving the Future project, which is supported by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) and every provincial trucking association. The end result will be a guide for truck driving schools when developing training programs, to ensure that graduating drivers are more employable and better meet the industry’s needs.

The discussions are scheduled in August, September and October.


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certain rules and laws should be looked at also concerning health and safety. if your falling asleep at the wheel then you should be permitted to stop where ever your rig can park as long as its not obstructing traffic. i was falling asleep way up north in the late hours of the evening and i found a pull in spot off the road. i was relieved because it wasnt safe because i couldnt stay awake. just after shutting the rig off and crawling into my sleeper there was a few bangs on my in the middle of nowhere so this shocked me as to who the heck could be out here in pitch black pounding on my door. much to my surprise it was the police telling me im not permitted to park in a government owned roadside gravel roadway as its provincial and theres no overnight parking allowed. i didnt see any signs in the pitch dark and falling asleep. my problem with this was i pulled over for my safety and the safety of others so i wouldnt hit anyone with my rig and because i chose the smart thing to do i got told to leave immediately. i didnt even get to sleep for 5 seconds and there i went down the highway still passing out at the wheel for lack of sleep. this my friends is something that needs to be looked at as a matter of publics safety. your eyes get quite a bit more tired when your constantly looking out for wildlife as your driving and its so dark going through the north so i tried everything to try to stay awake like rolling down all the windows, turning the music up etc but i was so dog tired i just couldnt function properly. i was forced to drive another 20 clicks up the road where there was a small coffee shop restaraunt that was closed. i got there safely and went to bed. it didnt help that the company i was driving for only gave drivers 24 hours to get from ontario to calgary.