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Trucking Resource Council Gets Funding for Other, Other Trucking Jobs

OTTAWA — The Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council (CTHRC) has received funding for a new project that will define the skills needed for non-driving occupations in the trucking industry.

The funding will update existing National Occupational Standards previously developed by the CTHRC, and they'll cover shunt drivers; cargo workers; dispatchers; freight claims, safety and loss prevention specialists; and foremen, supervisors and managers.

"Many of CTHRC's initiatives have focused on the trucking industry's demand for skilled, professional drivers. You can see that reflected in our, training programs, career awareness tools, HR management tools, and existing National Occupational Standards," said Angela Splinter, CTHRC executive director.

In regards to career awareness, some of the funding will also explore young peoples' image of careers in the trucking industry, and determine whether any existing high school-to-work programs can be used to guide more students into trucking-related career paths.

"Our most current research indicated a growing need for skilled workers in non-driving occupations," Splinter explained. "These new National Occupational Standards will help the trucking industry to secure workers with the required skills."

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