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Trucking’s Impact on Economy By the Numbers

Source: American Trucking Trends

ARLINGTON, VA — Trucking continues to be the main mode of transportation of freight in the U.S. and continues to move the most valuable freight, according the American Trucking Associations’ (ATA) report, American Trucking Trends. 

“Trucking continues to move the most, and the most valuable, freight in the United States, despite the challenges of congestion, regulations and crumbling infrastructure,” said ATA president and CEO Bill Graves.

Canadian truckers move about 80 percent of freight, the Saskatchewan Trucking Association (STA) claimed on Twitter, and more than 92 percent of all freight in Saskatchewan.

“Truck transport drives the North American economy,” the STA tweeted. “When the trucks stop, the economy stops.”

2014  American Trucking Trends findings:

  • In 2013, trucks moved 69.1 percent of all domestic freight tonnage— up from 68.5 percent the previous year;
  • Trucking collected 81.2 percent of all freight revenue— up from 80.7 percent in 2012;
  • Trucks move the majority of all NAFTA trade, hauling 55.4 percent of all trade with Canada;
  • Since 2003, trucks have become greener—recording  a drop of 88 percent  in sulfur dioxide, 48 percent in Nitrogen oxides (NOx), which are released during combustion and 32 percent in particulate-matter emissions;
  • Trucking employed more than seven million in the U.S. people in 2013.

The report is a snapshot of the trucking industry and shows what the freight economy looks like, ATA chief economist Bob Costello said.

 “These numbers tell us what is happening in trucking and that’s important for industry leaders, suppliers and policymakers,” Costello said.

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