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SmartTruck has launched its new UT-1 trailer UnderTray system, the newest addition to its family of such CARB-compliant aerodynamic aids. The UT-1 is a low-cost, smaller version of the UT-6 system with fewer components underneath the trailer.

The UT-1 is a two-component design that's said to deliver a 5.5% improvement in  highway fuel efficiency. It can be installed by one person in less than an hour, says SmartTruck. Like the UT-6, it improves air flow and cooling over temperature-sensitive tires and brakes. It also provides significant ground clearance to avoid everyday road and loading-facility obstacles.

The UT-1 can be easily upgraded to the UT-6 system by adding a single component. All components are made of the same polyethylene plastic as the UT-6. It's EPA SmartWay-verified and CARB-compliant, providing a highway fuel-efficiency improvement of 5.5%. The full UT-6 system is claimed to produce a 7% fuel-efficiency improvement.

Fleets can also integrate SmartTruck’s Side Fairings, which further improve highway fuel-efficiency performance to more than 10%, the company says.

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