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Upgraded goosenecks from XL Specialized

XL Specialized Trailers has updated its low-profile Hydraulic Detachable Gooseneck (HDG) models with a low-profile gooseneck that features a relief cutout that provides extra space between the trailer and truck.

Low-profile HDG trailer.There are three models overall. The XL 110 HDG has a 24-inch loaded deck height and is rated at 110,000 pounds in 12 feet, and the XL 120 HDG with the same deck height is rated at 120,000 pounds in 16 feet and 110,000 pounds in 10 feet. The XL 110 Low-Profile HDG has an 18-inch deck height – to help meet bridge clearance regulations without a drop side or beam deck -- and is rated at 110,000 pounds in 16 feet.

When loading or unloading, the 13-foot neck -- which has a five-position ride height -- can be removed with a wet kit or power unit. The deck can also be leveled with the adjustable wheel area ride height.

Main decks on these trailers are built with T-1 flange and 80k webs, as well as cross members on 12-inch centers. 

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