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UPS To Add Three New Centers in B.C.

MISSISSAUGA— Pickup and delivery service, UPS, has announced it’s opening three new operation centers in British Columbia and also expanding its center in Kelowna.

The new B.C. centers will be located in Kamloops, Nanaimo and Comox.

"Expanding our service in BC and across Canada is fueled by market opportunity and customer demand," said UPS Canada President Michael Tierney. "UPS continues to invest in new capabilities and network capacity to secure customers' confidence and enable their long-term growth."

UPS made a multi-million dollar investment to add about 36,000 square feet across the four centers and add about 80 jobs. The B.C. centers are expected to be complete by November 2014.

The company expanded into Canada in 1975 and in recent years, has made investments in Toronto, Calgary and eight cities across Atlantic Canada. Their network has grown to a fleet of about 2,600 vehicles –with nearly 40 percent of the trucks running on low-emission propane and 11,500 employees. Another 1,700 employees provide logistics and distribution, freight forwarding and customs brokerage services to Canadian customers, according to UPS. 

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I do hope that opening of such huge companies as MISSISSAUGA will help to fight unemployment. It's success in Canada proves the point. opinion

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