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U.S. driver reunited with stolen rig, dog

VANCOUVER, WA — While an American truck driver parked for a bite to eat in Washington last week, a thief made off with not only the man’s truck, but man’s best friend. 

“He comes in the semi everywhere I go,” Douglas Wayne Age told Seattle’s KOMO News about his dog, Apache. 

It was the night before Halloween, and with few parking options for his lumber load, Age had to park his rig two blocks away from the Vancouver diner. 

Following the theft, Age issued a plea for the safe return of his tiny black furry friend. 

After a dog was found wandering the streets in Oregon’s Clackamas County, somebody turned it over to the local animal hospital. Kona Alerts, a volunteer group that looks for stolen dogs, contacted Age and after several hours, he and Apache were reunited. 

Age’s truck was also located, just two days later in Portland.   

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