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See Much?: We need better headlamps, period.

Clearly, there are issues with the headlights that show us what's ahead. Or maybe don't. We shouldn't be happy.

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What does Trump mean to us?

Well, we're a couple of tumultuous weeks into the new Trump administration south of the 49th, and it would seem chaos prevails. At least for the moment. With the new President having...

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Got Enough Light?

I've long held that North American headlight standards are inherently dangerous because they don't allow brightness levels to match the speeds we travel. It's just too easy...

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On Super Trucks, Nikola One, and Emissions Tampering

Navistar unveiled its Catalist SuperTruck on September 28, reporting a 104% improvement in freight efficiency compared to the DOE’s control vehicle, managing a commendable 13 mpg. The truck...

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The Sideguard Debate: Unresolved

There's renewed interest in mandating sideguards for trucks, and just as much disagreement as ever over their efficacy. The U.S. Department of Transportation says that half of all...

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Target: Fuel Economy

Amidst all the talk of progressively wilder technologies, there's one fundamental subject that comes first: fuel economy and how to maximize it.

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Anything is possible

Where are we headed? Well, with enormous potential waiting to burst, we're in the midst of the second industrial revolution. It's all about the Internet of Things, meaning a...

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The urban future?

As I write this in a hotel room in Hannover, Germany -- where 400 other trucking journalists are also lodged -- I'm anticipating the opening of the 2016 IAA Commercial Vehicles Show...

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