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Weather Forces HOS Waivers In U.S but Not Canada

WASHINGTON, DC — In the U.S., many states have declared a state of emergency due to bad weather, waiving the HOS rules for truckers hauling propane.

The waivers are in effect until:

• Jan 17 or until emergency conditions no longer exist, whichever is sooner, in Arkansas.
• Jan 18 in Maine and it also applies to trucks hauling diesel.
• Jan 7 for truckers hauling propane, heating oil and diesel through Massachusetts.
• Jan 11 for propane deliveries through New Jersey, but Gov. Chris Christie issues an additional general emergency order on Jan 2.
• Jan 10 in Michigan.
• Jan 8 in Minnesota.
• Jan 11 in New Hampshire.
• Jan 13 in Vermont.

If the weather continues as is, more waivers could be issued or current ones could be extended.

A Transport Canada spokesperson told Today’s Trucking that they have “not received any exemption requests based on the justification of extreme cold weather,” as of Jan 3. 

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