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Weight-Saving Slide Bracket

The LWB is rated up to 55,000 lbs. vertical load and has a 150,000 lbs. drawbar pull rating.

Fontaine Fifth Wheel has a new LWB lightweight slide bracket assembly that is lighter without giving up any strength. This new assembly replaces Fontaine’s ATB slide.

Aaron Puckett, Fontaine Fifth Wheel director of fleet sales, said they "used computer-aided design to develop this bracket’s smaller footprint that uses steel reinforcement in key areas to provide greater durability and strength. As a result, the LWB is more robust than the ATB slide.”

The LWB accepts a variety of Fontaine No-Slack top plates, including model 6000 stamped steel, model 7000 cast steel and model 7000CC cast steel, low-lube. Mounting heights start at an industry low of 6 34 inches and goes up to 10 14 inches.

Fontaine said the LWB’s Quad-Lock four-point locking system increases the locking surface area to provide greater stability and improved wear characteristics. A two-inch increment positioning capability provides greater versatility for improved payload distribution, and a greaseless bracket liner offers consistent lubrication, reduces wear and diminishes maintenance costs.

It's rated up to 55,000 lbs. vertical load and has a 150,000 lbs. drawbar pull rating.

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