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A good number of shops have 110-volt wall outlets, limiting their choices when selecting a welder with power and performance. The new easy-to-maneuver Snap-on MIG140 welder offers a solution. Says Mike DeKeuster, category manager for Snap-on: “The new Snap-On MIG140 is ideal for repair shops, body shops, as well as farm and metal fabrication shops. With a 60-percent duty cycle at full load, this welder allows you to weld thicker material for a longer period of time.”

The MIG140:

• Welds 1/4-in. material in a single pass with 140A maximum output at 60-percent duty cycle

• Features all-copper-wound transformer insulation and bolted laminations to provide precise voltage control and repeatable welds

• Has a capacitor bank and diode set that delivers consistent voltage and industry-leading smooth-arc characteristics.


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