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Western Stars Reach the Big Four-Five

Doesn't look 45 years old...

LOUISVILLE, KY – What do Western Star Trucks and actress Pamela Anderson have in common?

First, they were both born in British Columbia: The actress in Ladysmith; the trucks in Kelowna.

They’re both known for exceptional good looks and outstanding bodies. Western Star, now part of Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) has long been celebrated as a tough-slogging truck.

Pam Anderson and Western Star are well known around the world, as Western Star’s General Manager Michael Jackson told a group of assembled journalists at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) here this week. Western Star trucks are now familiar marques in Australia, South Africa and Indonesia.

Anderson and Western Star are also both celebrating their 45th birthdays this year.

And finally, both Western Star and Pamela Anderson have been immortalized on eye-catching movie posters. In fact, at MATs, the Western Star booth is festooned with faux posters advertising pretend films starring their trucks. And in honor of the great occasion, Western Star has issued a special movie poster calendar highlighting each of its model, incorporating various applications from logging and mining to OTR, and the calendars are available through Western Star or its dealers.

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GO Western Star Go !
hope to see more and more of those trucks on the road.

WESTERN STAR has no innovation. What is with the white wall tires? We don't want a Smithsonian museum piece but a truck that we can afford to use. For them to claim 5% greater fuel efficiency (by simply changing to 10w 30 oil) is a load of crap; the truck you bought in 2002 is same exact vehicle - where is the care of the brand Daimler???

You need to get your facts straight. Western Stars were not born in Kelowna. That just happened to be their last place of refuge before going to Portland. I believe they were in Winnipeg before that and under the White Motor Co. The only reason they're still around is because Canadian Governments kept bailing them out.

First two comments doesn't have a clue. Canadian governments have never bailed Western Star out. Also, they were born in Kelowna. Get your facts straight before your comment. Check Wikipedia...

Wait until you see the next generation of Western Star'll bee drooling.

History: In 1967 White Trucks started the Western Star division as White Western Star with a new plant at Kelowna, British Columbia, sharing headquarters with White in Cleveland, Ohio. By 1980, White was insolvent, despite importing Semon E. "Bunkie" Knudsen, son of General Motors legend Semon Knudsen, and President of Ford Motor Company in 1969-70. Volvo AB acquired the U.S. assets of the company, while two energy-related companies based in Calgary, Alberta, Bow Valley Resource Services and Nova, an Alberta Corp., purchased the Canadian assets, including the Kelowna, British Columbia, plant, and the Western Star nameplate and product range. In 1990 Western Star Trucks was purchased by Australian businessman Terry Peabody, who turned around the company's fortunes over the next 10 years, and in 2000 the company was purchased by the Daimler AG North American truck division, Freightliner. All Western Star trucks are manufactured in the Portland, Oregon Portland Truck Plant.

Wow! Cordial comments, and demanding corrections. Stop. Condense the issue of trucks to our biggest need, lowest lifetime cost of ownership! Check parts prices of WS vs. direct competition. Why have more fleets chosen the DD series of engines than any other in the last 18 months? At Western Star, we engineer trucks for our users to make money. 3,700 options to make a truck, gives us the advantage to adapt to most needs. - Me, truck sales engineering since 1976. Ford HT for 20 years, Freightliner, now Western Star only. Oh! MATS? Glitter to get you to look - guess you looked to make your comment. Gotcha! Wishes for success in the truck industry!!