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Why Truckers and Huskies Face Hard-Sledding

Dallas Seavey’s autobiography “Born to Mush.”

NEENAH, WI. — What do truck drivers and dog sled drivers have in common? If you were expecting a cheap joke like “not mush,” you’ve come to the wrong story.

In reality, at least according to the New Yorker Magazine, truck drivers and dog sled drivers share lots of attributes.

In an extremely indepth story called “The White Wall,” in the April 22 issue, New Yorker writer Ben McGrath takes readers behind the scenes of the famous Iditarod dog-sled race and into the life of its youngest and perhaps most famous winner Dallas Seavey.

And why, you ask, are you reading about this on a trucking magazine website? Because Seavey is sponsored by the Neenah-based trucking consultants J.J.Keller.

And the New Yorker story elaborates on why Keller is involved.

Turns out the CEO Jim Keller met Seavey a few years ago when he was celebrating a 30th wedding anniversary on an Alaskan cruise ship.

“We just liked the cut of this kid’s jib so much,” is how Keller put it to the New Yorker. “He was in the transportation business and dog sleds, after all, were ‘one of the earliest forms of transportation,’ as he put it.

Truck drivers, like mushers, work long days and fight boredom through sleepless nights.”

Also, the New Yorker tells readers, “Keller’s company had eleven hundred customers in Alaska. Why not enlist Seavey as a motivational speaker?”

Last year, Keller published Seavey’s autobiography “Born to Mush.”

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