Fleet Ops: Fuel Efficiency
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Wide-base Super Single Tires Good for Environment and Productivity, AMTA says.

EDMONTON — Representatives from the Alberta Motor Transport Association (AMTA) met with Alberta Transport Minister Ray Danyluk to discuss increasing the allowable weight on wide base super single tires.

AMTA said that there are environmental and economic benefits to increasing weights on wide base super singles.

"We are asking for an increase to 8500 kg from the current 7700 kg per axle," said AMTA Executive Director Don Wilson. " At the moment wide base tires can only be used on equipment that is not fully loaded," Wilson explained.

"The tires offer productivity enhancements — better fuel mileage — something which would reduce the industry's contribution to greenhouse gases," he said, pointing to trials that showed fleets saving 10 percent of their fuel by making the switch to a super single wide.

Danyluk told the AMTA that he was keeping an open mind and would take a closer look at the overall picture.

While they wait, the AMTA said it will keep in close contact with the minister's office, and may have to wait until after the looming provincial election to plan out next steps.

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