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Cargotec USA has expanded its Ottawa trailer-spotter line with the introduction of a gasoline-powered model. It sports a 6.8-litre Ford V10 engine and meets both 2012 EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) standards for on-road vehicle emissions.

Because it utilizes standard unleaded 87-octane fuel and has an automotive type catalytic-converter exhaust system, emissions are extremely low, the company says.

The gasoline-powered Ottawa offers a lower-cost option compared to the equivalent diesel-powered EPA/DOT tractor. There's a performance gain as well, Cargotec claims, saying the Ottawa’s gasoline powertrain allows it to reach top speeds faster and has higher maximum speeds in both third and fourth gears compared to equivalent diesel-powered units.

The Ford 3-valve V10 engine provides 240 hp and 450 lb ft of torque at 2800 rpm.  It’s coupled with an Allison 3000 RDS transmission, offering a maximum speed of 33.2 mph with three gears and 45 mph wih four. The rear axle is the Meritor RS-24-160 with 7.17:1 ratio and all axle-ratio options are available. Also available is the Meritor RS-23-186 with 7.83:1 ratio for DOT/EPA terminal tractors under 33 mph with a 116-in. wheelbase.

The gasoline powertrain set-up is available with both Ottawa 4x2 off-road and 4x2 DOT/EPA terminal tractors. Special features include a vertical exhaust system with catalytic muffler, OBD II and J1939 diagnostic connections under the dash, 50-gal step-type fuel tank mounted on driver’s side, Ford starter and 175-amp alternator, and Ford flat-panel air cleaner. Two batteries are standard.

Cargotec also offers terminal tractors powered by natural gas, either CNG or LNG.

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