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YRC Teamsters to Vote on Revised Labor Contract

OVERLAND PARKS, KS — The financial future of trucking company YRC Worldwide again depends on the outcome of a vote on a revised labor contract with Teamster members, which will be held this weekend.

“Our members made their voices heard about the company’s initial proposal, and we went back to the company and negotiated significant improvements that will give the members another opportunity to vote on saving this company,” said Tyson Johnson, director of the Teamsters National Freight Division and co-chairman of the Teamsters National Freight Industry Negotiating Committee.

On Jan. 9, a ballot count showed that the original proposal was rejected by over 19,000 Teamster members.

Here’s what’s different in the new proposal:

• Employees on seasonal layoff will be eligible for the lump sum bonus;
• The proposed wage freeze for current non-CDL employees has been eliminated;
• The starting rate for non-CDL new hires has been increased with a $1.00/hr annual increase;
• Employees subject to the attendance policy will have a “fresh start”;
• The company’s initial proposal to take away a week of vacation from employees with three weeks has been eliminated. Additionally, vacation weeks will be paid at 45 hours/week by the end of the agreement;
• The proposal regarding the use of Utility Employees has been eliminated;
• Restrictions on the use of PTS have been specified and protections for members at affected terminals have been improved.

If approved, the labor contract will be extended from March 2015 to March 2019.

The approval of the labor agreement might affect to YRC’s future, its employees and their jobs (30,000 jobs are at stake). That’s because YRC needs the contract changes to persuade lenders to refinance more than $1 billion in debt it can’t repay. The first payment, totaling $69.4 million, is due Feb. 15.

And while many YRC employees are in the U.S., YRC is also the parent company of Winnipeg-based YRC Reimer, formerly named Reimer Express.

Teamsters President Jim Hoffa commented: “Since the rejection of the company’s proposal, I met with dozens of YRCW members and I have heard from thousands of others. I came away convinced that we owed it to the members to make one last effort to save the company.”

“No one wants concessions, but with a ‘yes’ vote at least we live to see another day, and I urge you to do that,” Hoffa said.

You may read a side by side comparison of the new and previous Teamster agreement here or read the full current Teamster agreement here. 

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It's simple for me. "I'd rather be working, than looking for work!!" After a long layoff a couple years ago, it's nice to be back driving for YRC. If you're not happy working for YRC, vote "Yes" and give yourself some time to find another job. Think about the members who have family to support. Think about the members who have bills to pay every month. Don't let your stubbornness dictate your vote. I urge you to "Vote Yes," and keep this company moving forward. If they shut the doors, nobody wins!!

We voted @ 111 today and the yes vote passed 48 yes votes 18 no votes.So I hope this happens all over the country.

listen why cant the beck objectors vote in local there are 25 of 55 people and we are not allow to vote seems to me that everyone in the yrc family should have a right to vote yes so we all can keep our jobs

"It's a no-brainer for me!" I'd rather be working, than looking for work. Think of the members who have families to support, think of the members who have bills to pay. I was laid off for 18 months 2 years ago. I'm glad to be back driving for YRC. It used to be a better job, but it's still a good job. I encourage everyone to put your stubbornness aside, and VOTE YES!! Nobody wins if the doors close!

Makes me want to puke. YRC has had plenty of opportunity to take care of the "financal problems." But did they... NO. Now, WE have to fork out more so that the higher ups can recieve more bonuses. How about they leave their families for six days a week, come home for one night to sleep and head back out again. Oh and then let us take hard earned income/vacation and God forbid a sick day from them@!