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Leece-Neville alternator for fire trucks

Posted: April 24, 2018

Leece-Neville’s IdlePro Extreme 12-volt, 420-amp heavy-duty alternator has been optimized for fire trucks, which have to power complex electrical systems at engine idle.


The new alternator, also a replacement for certain school buses and coaches, includes technologies to improve battery life, increase reliability, and minimize downtime in vehicles that power a high number of electrical draws at low-engine speeds, the company says.


A built-in Remove Sense feature reduces battery charging time, while Isolated Ground Technology protects the engine by reducing stray voltage and electrical noise. The auxiliary draft cooling design is also said to allow for cooler running temperatures, and an eCoat is used to protect against corrosion.


The alternators also operate at 76% efficiency, and offer a minimum of 90% of their rated maximum output at engine idle speed, Leece-Neville adds.


It’s covered by a three-year, 560,000-km warranty.


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