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2010-11 TMC MANUAL

Posted: August 1, 2014

The newest edition of the Recommended Practices Manual from the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) is now available in 2010-2011 form. TMC says that fleets and equipment manufacturers alike depend on it when it comes to the purchase, design, maintenance and performance of equipment, and they’re right. Each industry ‘best practice’ in the manual — available as a book or on CD — was developed and evaluated by expert members of the organization.

Recommended practices covered include all major truck, trailer, and body systems, plus cost-control methods, energy conservation, and more.

The manual is available as a searchable CD-ROM or a two-volume hardcover set with more than 2700 pages. This year, the Maintenance Recommended Practices and Engineering Recommended Practices hardcover editions also are available separately as single volumes.

The TMC member price for the CD (single user) or the two-volume book set is US$249, rising to $329 for non-members. The CD with a multiple-user licence is US$2500 for members, US$3333 for non-members.

They can be ordered online here.


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