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55-ton roller paver

Posted: April 7, 2017

A new 55-ton roller paver from Talbert Manufacturing, the 55CC-RP, supports 55-ton concentrated loads in 12.5 feet of decking, meaning it can haul rollers, pavers, excavators and dozers.

55CC-RPThe trailer also comes with dual kingpin settings, allowing it when empty to run without permits in jurisdictions that have 43-foot kingpin laws, Talbert says. Those laws were also in mind when adjusting the trailer’s deck length, gooseneck radiuses and rear ramps.

There’s extra steel in the deck’s main and side beams, the gooseneck and rear axles. And that supports the rigid-load base rating without sacrificing the structural integrity or load angle that pavers require, the company says.

The trailer has a 53-foot overall length, and 24-foot clear deck length in the well, while cross members are spaced at 20 inches along with auxiliary cross members on the lower deck.

The deck itself is 22 inches high and has a six-inch loaded road clearance. And the 41-inch ramps are about nine inches longer than those on typical trailers, supporting the best approach angles, the company says.

The 55CC-RP has a 202.2-degree load angle, and optional features like open center sections for excavator booms, minimizing load heights. Full-width rear-bridge fenders with 1.5-inch heavy-duty Apitong make it possible to drive something like a roller over the trailer wheels and onto the bed.


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