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7 Tips for Entertaining ExpoCam Clients

Posted: October 30, 2014

MONTREAL — You’re in one of the world’s most beautiful cities and you’ve spent the day surrounded by trucks and truckers.

You’ve had enough booths for one day. It’s time to relax. Preferably with something that rhymes with booths.

Fortunately for you, Today’s (which is operated by the same people who brought you ExpoCam) has put together this ExpoCam-friendly list of 7 great places to take your friends, clients or self, while you’re in this great city.

OLD MONTREAL: First of all, historic Old Montreal is but a 15-minute stroll from Place Bonaventure. If the weather’s right (and it’s supposed to be) nobody has ever been bored traipsing around this part of Canada. Check for a great website.

BASKETBALL: For a blast from the past or if your client hasn’t seen them before, the Harlem GlobeTrotters are playing at the Bell Centre Friday April 12. Go to and type “Montreal” where it says Find Tickets. (P.S. They’re even better than they used to be.)

UNTOLD RICHES: Casino Montreal is a quick cab away. Just don’t blame us.

A SLICE OF OLDE SOD: You don’t have to stray far from Place Bonaventure to have a memorable evening of music and fun. Ye Olde Dublin Pub, for instance, is a few blocks north of Place Bonaventure and in addition to its thirst-quaking array of beer, there’s live music every night starting at 10:00. Pub fare and fun are always on the menu. Very amiable staff to boot.

ACCENT ON COOL: If you prefer be-bop and swing, why not check out Upstairs Bar & Grille, also close to Bonaventure but with a world-class lineup of contemporary and more traditional jazz performers. Cover charge? More than reasonable.

ON THE SEEDIER SIDE: If that appeals to your bohemian side (this is, after all, Quebec we’re talking about) we also recommend you find your way to the famous Montreal Pool Room. Opened in 1912 in what was once the city’s Red Light District, the Pool Room, with its pure-bred Quebecois mouth-watering greasy-spoon menu, will give you and your clients a real taste of that “seedy goodness” we all want to have fond memories of. (We hope you didn’t expect it to have a website: the Montreal Pool Room’s at 1217 Boulevard Saint-Laurent Montréal, QC H2X 2S6‎. Call (514) 954-4487.)

A TASTE OF EUROPE: Speaking of ambience, tucked away in Old Montreal is the very elegant Le Sainte Elizabeth. A European-style pub with some great live music and the quaintest setting in Canada. As one visitor reported on a tourist website, “it’s the place I take visitors to Montreal when I want to prove to them who cool it is.”

SMOKIN’ HOT: Swartz’s Deli. You’re in Montreal. You have to have Montreal smoked meat. And you have to have it at the legendary Schwartz’s. It’s world famous. Go. You’ll see why.

OOPS! We said seven ideas. We gave you eight. Oh well, it’s Montreal. You’ll always get more than you expect!

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