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Posted: August 1, 2014

The new PSD08 PowerCore air cleaner expands the PSD family of air cleaners from Donaldson. Not an aftermarket item, it will be available on new trucks only.
It offers two-stage filtration in a single, compact unit for heavy-duty truck and off-road applications. This new air cleaner expands the PSD family of air cleaners that includes side- and end-access models in a range of sizes. The PowerCore PSD08 is a non-metal air cleaner (except for cover clamps) for medium- and heavy-duty equipment operating in medium to heavy dust environments. Models have either end or side filter service access with a sustained temperature tolerance of -40º to 180°F/-40º to 82°C.

Donaldson claims improved engine protection because there’s no media movement, expansion, contraction or bunching, as well as three times more efficiency than average conventional pleated filters


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