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Air disc brake line unveiled

Posted: August 20, 2018

Centric Parts, a division of APC Automotive Technologies has unveiled a new air disc brake program for Class 7 and 8 vehicles.

The offerings include air disc brake pads, rotors and repair kits for all makes.

The pads are available in two grades of application-specific friction (106 Series: 23K, and 306 Series: 26K) in more than 20 FMSI shapes. They’re also FMVSS 121 and ISO 26866 compliant and feature OE-design coated backing plates to prevent corrosion and pad binding.

A proprietary PadLock friction retention system helps to fight pad delamination in extreme conditions, and adds a Mu 500 bed-in coating to increase initial bite and optimize the burnishing process.

The lineup features more than 25 SKUs of coated and uncoated rotors that meet or exceed OEM fit, form and function, the company says.

Repair kits include guide pin kits, seals, and tappet kits.


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