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Air Disc Brakes For All Kenworth Trucks

Posted: August 1, 2014

KIRKLAND, WA— Air disc brakes from Bendix will be standard on all Kenworth Class 8 tractors and trucks.

“We’ve offered Bendix air disc brakes as an option on our Class 8 trucks previously. Customers appreciate their superior performance, car-like feel, ease of maintenance, and light weight design, while they also exceed the federal government’s RSD (reduced stopping distance) requirements,” said Kurt Swihart, Kenworth marketing director.

Kenworth Class 8 tractors and trucks will be equipped with the Bendix ADB22X air brakes, which reduce brake fade without compromising stopping power, the manufacturer says.

The Bendix ADB22X air disc brakes have a two-pin floating caliper design that provides a more consistent force distribution.

“These benefits are so compelling that Kenworth decided to make air disc brakes standard on Kenworth Class 8 trucks. For additional weight savings, the air disc brakes also come standard with an aluminum hub and splined disc rotor assembly,” Swihart said.

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