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Air discs on East trailers

Posted: December 21, 2016

East Manufacturing says the Hendrickson MAXX22T air disc brake with Dura-Light hub will be offered as the preferred disc package option on all of its trailers.

With its weight-optimized design, the package is an average 20 lb per axle lighter than the MAXX22T with ductile iron hub. Its compact, lightweight monoblock caliper uses the Wabco single piston with a sealed and protected guide system for higher reliability.

The lightweight hub features a premium e-coat to enhance corrosion resistance. Its new hub-to-rotor connection reduces the time and effort required for stud changes in the field. East has upgraded the optional package to include the HXL5 Hendrickson extended-life wheel-end system with a 5-year warranty.

The lightweight cast rotor is said to be more resistant to corrosion. The bolt-on dust shield design is also claimed to be easier to install and maintain with built-in clearance to allow for simplified rotor inspection. The pads are easy to change out, says East.

The MAXX22T trailer air disc brakes are compatible when tractors are equipped with drum brakes or other disc brake brands. East also offers additional name-brand air disc options with Hendrickson’s HXL5 upgraded 5-year warranty, including Bendix and Wabco PAN22.



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