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Posted: August 1, 2014

Alliance Truck Parts, a Daimler Trucks North America subsidiary, has added coiled and straight air-hose assemblies, gladhands, and related accessories for class 6-8 heavy-duty trucks to its product portfolio. It aims to provide quality, frequently replaced parts at “value” prices, the company says.

The hoses and accessories complement the current Alliance line of coiled electrical cables. Each meets or exceeds OE specs.

The new line of air hoses is engineered to perform in temperatures down to -40° F, where many hoses become brittle and fail. They also feature heavy-gauge spring guards to protect against kinks. Optional features include colored anti-kink gladhand grips, and an extended brass handle on the trailer lead to facilitate easier trailer connections with less stress on the fitting and air-tube linings.

As well as SAE-rated straight aluminum gladhands, angle-mount gladhands for trailer nose applications are also available, as are shutoff gladhands. Other air-hose program accessories include a variety of hose/cable mounting suspension devices such as spring tender kits, slide bars, pogo sticks, clamps, and connector stowage components to help with proper installation.

To consolidate both air and electrical hookups, Alliance offers its 3-in-1 AirPower line which includes air hoses and an ABS-rated seven-way green electrical cable assembly. The three lines are joined together in a spiral wrap, offering protection against rubbing, tangling, and incidental damage.


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