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Posted: August 1, 2014

Air-Weigh’s 5800 Series of on-board truck scales has been expanded to include a new feature which allows weight information to be transferred to the truck’s J1708 data bus. Now, on-board computers and communication systems can use weight data for on-board applications or transmission over a wireless network to a fleet management or customer site host.

The on-board scale, its maker says, is a true load-management system that’s permanently installed in the dash and calibrated to each suspension on the vehicle. The 2-in. gauge display automatically shows each axle group’s weight on one screen, with no operator interaction required.

SAE-defined drive, steer, trailer, GVW, and payload weights are all available through the new J1708 databus interface. Truck and trailer scales can also be calibrated by other on-board computer devices using SAE-defined data packets. Additionally, alarms and other system setup functions may be performed via proprietary packets.


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