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Air-Weigh scales available on Utility trailers

Posted: August 1, 2014

Utility Trailer dealers now have the complete line of Air-Weigh Self-Weighing Truck and Trailer Scales available as aftermarket accessories as well as new-trailer options. The new aftermarket program lets you add on-board scales to stock trailers at the dealership or to retrofit older trucks and trailers. The totally self-contained scales install in less than 15 minutes on newer trailers with standard ABS wiring harness, and can be retrofitted on older trailers in less than 30 minutes. The unit mounts directly to the frame rail or can be suspended from a bottom rail with optional mounting brackets. Keypads and display screens are featured on both Air-Weigh truck and trailer scales, so the trailer scale can display accurate, on-the-ground weight even if the tractor isn’t equipped with a scale. Pre-calibration menus are available on-screen for most popular trailer suspensions, so the operator can select the suspension model during set-up and the scale immediately displays the actual on-the-ground weight to within 300 pounds (135 kg) of a DOT scale. See your Utility dealer or visit


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