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Alberta relaxes hours of service for carriers aiding relief

Posted: May 10, 2016 by Today's Trucking Staff

CALGARY, AB – The Government of Alberta has relaxed hours of service and operating authority regulations for operators directly engaged in the evacuation and relief efforts for Fort McMurray and the surrounding area.

Managing driver fatigue during a State of Emergency: While the provincial State of Emergency is in effect, commercial truck and bus drivers operating for provincial carriers directly involved in providing relief will be exempted from Alberta’s Drivers’ Hours of Service Regulation. The exemption is effective only until May 15, 2016 – click link above for details.

Those involved in normal commercial transportation activities, even in the Fort McMurray area, are not exempt from these hours of service regulations. Although the exemptions can be applied to commercial carrier operations that are providing relief, all drivers and carriers are urged to actively try to reduce workers’ fatigue levels. Examples of how this can be done include: identifying additional volunteer drivers who can relieve other drivers; ensuring drivers have adequate accommodations when off duty; communicating with the drivers regularly during their work shift to help identify those drivers with a high level of fatigue and who may need a rest or break sooner than planned. 

Commercial passenger transportation services in a State of Emergency: (motor coach operators may apply for a special permit to assist – contact details are provided)

For passenger transportation services that directly involve providing relief to Fort McMurray and surrounding communities impacted by the fire, special permits for Operating Authority will be issued, as needed. This provision for the issuance of special permits will be in place until the provincial State of Emergency is lifted, and may be extended based on circumstances, if required. Those involved in normal commercial passenger transportation activities, even in the Fort McMurray area, may still require an Operating Authority Certificate.


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