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Altruck launches Wheel-Check safety campaign

Posted: March 16, 2016 by Today's Trucking Staff


KITCHENER, ON – Altruck International Truck centres is launching a Wheel Check Safety Awareness Campaign that will run between Mar. 21 and Oct. 31.

“Truck wheels come off for several reasons, but loose lug nuts, cracked wheels and worn or damaged bearings are the most common causes,” the company said in an announcement. “Improved wheel care and maintaining proper wheel-nut torque can help reduce the number of accidents.”

During the awareness campaign, Altruck says it will focus on educating staff about wheel safety, particularly the use of a Wheel-Check loose wheel-nut indicator.

Some of the proceeds from the campaign will be donated to the Trucks for Change Network, a non-profit association of highway carriers that helps charities distribute donated food and materials to people in need. 

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