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Posted: August 1, 2014

Accu-Armor aluminum wheels

Accuride says the new Accu-Armor surface treatment creates lightweight aluminum wheels that can handle harsh environments but look good and are easy to clean. Those applications, the company says, include tankers, fire trucks, and vocational vehicles like cement mixers, gravel haulers, dump trucks, and refuse/recycling trucks.

The proprietary Accu-Armor treatment is said to make wheels highly scratch-, chemical- and corrosion-resistant. The surface treatment option is priced “comparably” to other aluminum wheel treatments on the market, says Accuride.
Accu-Armor aluminum wheels undergo a multi-step, post-production treatment process that texturizes, anodizes and seals the surface without changing or compromising their original form, fit or function. As a result of this process, the wheels are also resistant to high- and low-pH chemicals commonly used in truck washes, and common chemicals used in de-icing road surfaces, says Accuride. They’re also claimed to be durable under extended exposure to heat and UV light, and will not chalk or fade.
The new Accu-Armor treatment is available to order on several Accuride wheel models in both 22.5 and 24.5 sizes in both the aftermarket and on new medium/heavy trucks and trailers.


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