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Posted: October 30, 2014

Alutrec, which makes aluminum flatbed, dropdeck, logging, and hybrid trailers, says it’s the first trailer manufacturer to introduce Hendrickson suspension/axle
packages equipped with air disc brakes. The first disc-equipped trailer will be on
the road around January 2006, the company says.

Active in development of trailer air disc brake systems over the past 10 years including supplying systems to Australia for the past three years, Hendrickson
recently introduced a unique generic torque plate that accommodates multiple
disc brake designs. Working with Haldex as a preferred supplier, the company
offers a complete air disc solution matched to several wheel-end and spindle
options for most trailer applications. Disc brakes from other manufacturers are
also available. Discs are optional only on Intraax and Vantraax suspension

Alutrec notes that air discs reduce stopping distance significantly while also
providing more even and consistent braking during extended braking applications
such as descending long grades.

Alutrec is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Hendrickson suspensions
have been standard equipment on all Alutrec trailers for all of those years.
For more information call 877-631-2600 or 418-599-2415 ext. 104. Call Hendrickson, toll-free at 866-743-3247.


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