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An app for health

Posted: October 30, 2017

Rolling Strong, known for its driver wellness programs, has unveiled a mobile app designed to help drivers make healthy choices on the road.

Drivers who use the offering can earn points for logging sleep, exercising, and meeting daily calorie goals – giving fleets a tool for managing competitions.

Nutrition Guidance includes meal suggestions and predictive nutrition based on the location, truck stop, restaurant, and food item, as well as logs with calorie counts and targets. Once that “fuel” is consumed, exercise programs offer guided workout routines that don’t require a gym and integrate with a wearable activity tracker.

Sleep times and patterns are also tracked by combining the wearable activity tracker and CPAP machine.

Details are personalized with biometric data from physicians, wellness coaches, or health check stations, while reminders are also generated for medical evaluations and certificates.



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