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Ancra gives tires X-Treme grip

Posted: August 9, 2018

Ancra Cargo’s X-Treme Grip tire chains have been unveiled in v-bar, stud, and square-link options for those who are heading through punishing layers of ice and snow.

The V-bar chains have a plated silver zinc finish for frozen roads. Heavy-duty stud tire chains are for off-road applications like logging. And the square link models, coated in a protective plated silver zinc finish, are for highways covered in snow and ice.

All the chains are available in single- or triple-chain alternatives. While the V-bar and studded tire chains measure 8 mm, the square-link versions are 7 mm.

Each model includes cross-chains and sidewall chains made with a high-strength carbon steel, and comes with a tensioning tool. All triples include one chain per pail, with two pails making a complete set. Tensioning cams allow for quick installations and adjustments, too, the company says.


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