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Anti-Seize Cotter Pin

Posted: April 27, 2016

Cotter Pin Solutions has introduced what it calls, with good reason, the “revolutionary” Anti-Seize Cotter Pin designed specifically to prevent a clevis pin from seizing to a slack adjuster. Seized clevis pins are a serious maintenance issue requiring significant mechanic time for removal and it often results in damage to the slack adjuster.

The Anti-Seize Cotter Pin eliminates brake binding and loss of brake force that’s the direct result of seized clevis pins. With every brake application, the unique design holds the pin through a portion of the brake stroke, forcing the slack adjuster bushing to rotate around the clevis pin. The result is a free-moving clevis pin.

If the vehicle is parked for long periods of time the clevis pin tends to seize to the slack adjuster bushing. With this new cotter pin installed, during the first few brake applications the coil spring will load because of the clevis being seized to the slack adjuster. When the brakes are released the loaded coil spring will release a rotating force on the clevis pin to eventually break it free from the slack adjuster.

Manufactured from durable stainless steel 302, the Anti-Seize Cotter Pin resists corrosion and is maintenance free. Costly greaseable and stainless steel clevis pins can be eliminated and replaced by this inexpensive, easily installed product.

It’s said to be a cost-effective preventive maintenance tool that benefits all fleets, both small and large. 


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