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ArtLift lifts up to 440 pounds

Posted: January 18, 2018

National Fleet Products’ new ArtLift uses a 12-volt electric motor and worm gear to lift cargo weighing up to 440 pounds as high as 3.28 feet.

The lift meets the needs of most delivery vehicles, and can handle freight without tipping or navigating truck-mounted ramps, the company says.

Its 33-by-29.52-inch platform flips vertically to slide inside a vehicle, and is just 11.81 inches wide so it can store flat against sidewalls, bulkheads, or behind front seats. That’s about the same amount of space as a hand truck. The diamond-plate platform also offers extra traction, while its beveled edges offer a smoother ride for dollies, pallet trucks, and other carts with rollers.

The overall unit weighs less than 200 pounds and can fit in most commercial vehicles with a deck height of 39.37 inches or less.


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