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Posted: August 1, 2014

Dometic Environmental’s new truck HVAC systems, based on its patented split-system technology, consist of a redesigned compressor/heater/evaporator/blower (CHEB) unit, which mounts inside of the truck, and an external compressor/fan (CF) unit, all running on the new Qt-series digital controls. The inside and outside units are connected by precharged, reusable refrigerant linesets with quick-connect fittings.
Both units are made with powder-coated aluminum covers to resist corrosion. The CHEB has been engineered to minimize compressor noise inside of the truck, the company claims. The low-profile CF unit, which can be mounted horizontally under the truck or vertically on the back of the sleeper, has lost both size and weight. The Qt Control/Display panel can be programmed for power-saving preferences.
The split HVAC systems run on 115-volt AC power, which can be supplied by a bank of batteries, an onboard auxiliary power unit (APU), or shore power. They’re available in 7000, 10,000, and 14,000 BTU capacities.


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