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Battery-powered bot keeps it clean

Posted: October 6, 2017

ATLANTA, GA — Bitimec has unveiled a new Wash Bot that relies solely on battery power and operates like a portable car wash — but for your truck and trailer. While the Wash Bot 626 EZ, is quite large, it can be guided around a trailer with the push of a button, applying soap and water as it goes.

“It can wash a full 53-foot trailer in just six to eight minutes,” said Bruno Albanesi, president. “One operator can wash 30 trailers in a single charge on an eight-hour shift.”

The bristles on the giant spinning washing brush are the secret to the gentle, yet effective cleaning solution, Albanesi said.

“The secret is in the friction,” he said. “It works to take off dirt, but won’t scratch or ruin a trailer fancy paint job.”

Currently, the company is used by fleets, UPS, and various coach bus companies.


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