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Beam me down: New Ravens main beam

Posted: August 1, 2014

Ravens Trailer
Ravens, the manufacturer of aluminum flatbed and dump trailers, has redesigned the main beam section of its Magnum and Eclipse II Classic flatbed trailers. The new beam has a single-piece web the length of the trailer, up to 53 feet long, rather than a spliced web. Previously, the web was constructed of three pieces of aluminum welded together.

“We’ve switched to a new single piece or non-spliced web to eliminate any concerns buyers may have about weld fatigue or beam fit,” says Mike Monroe, sales and marketing manager. “The biggest benefit from our point of view is that the new web reduces manufacturing time, and that helps us keep the cost of our trailers attractive.”

The new web is made of heavy-duty .313 aluminum for long life, durability, and concentrated load capacity.
The Magnum flatbed trailer is the company’s heaviest-duty trailer, designed to haul dense, concentrated loads. The Eclipse II Classic is a lightweight flatbed trailer used primarily by owner-operators and weight-sensitive fleets. Ravens is online at, or call 330/677-0680.


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