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Bendix hitches up with another trailer manufacturer

Posted: August 1, 2014

ELYRIA, Ohio — Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems continued its emphasis on its trailer product offerings and inked a long-term agreement with Dorsey Trailer.

Dorsey Trailer recently made the Bendix TABS-6 trailer ABS product and Bendix SR-5 spring brake relay valve standard on all of its trailers.

“We are aware that technology is going to continue to grow,” said Jeff Pitts, owner of Dorsey Trailer. “To achieve our goal of providing safe and reliable trailers, we have added the Bendix spring brake relay valves and the trailer ABS technology. These products will help ensure we have a top-notch ABS system.”

The Bendix TABS-6 system is trailer ABS technology specifically designed for a broad range of trailer types and applications. It is compatible with a variety of trailer axle configurations, as well as having few electrical connectors.

The Bendix SR-5 spring brake relay valve’s design enables it to perform when common air-line contaminants are found in the trailer system. Its anti-compounding feature provides failure detection by audibly exhausting air through the tractor protection valve at the back of the cab.

In January, The Bendix SB-4 combination spring brake became standard equipment on all new Vanguard National Trailer dry van trailer models. The spring brake assumed standard position alongside availability of the existing Bendix ASA-5 automatic slack adjuster.

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