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Bendix making parking brakes intelligent

Posted: September 11, 2018

Bendix is looking to make traditional red and yellow parking brake controls a thing of the past, with an electronic version that will automatically set the brakes if drivers forget.

Known as the Intellipark electronic parking brake, it is undergoing fleet trials and expected to launch next year.

About 60% of fleets surveyed by Frost & Sullivan admitted to having at least one rollaway event in the past two years, Bendix notes, referring to the need.

Intellipark will monitor door positions, speeds, seatbelt use, and the presence of a driver’s foot on the pedal to decide whether to activate the parking brake automatically. The brakes will also release automatically when the truck is moving to reduce the danger of tire flatspotting and wheel-end damage. Fleets will also be informed about the actions through Bendix’s SafetyDirect portal.

Drivers who want to maintain the controls themselves can simply activate or deactivate the brakes at the push of a button.


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