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Bendix offers safety system retrofits

Posted: March 25, 2019

Bendix has unveiled updates to its safety systems, including a new retrofit program.

Bendix Wingman Fusion, Wingman Advanced, VORAD VS-500, AutoVue lane departure warning, Blindspotter side object detection, and SafetyDirect can all be retrofit under the new program.

The Bendix Retrofit Upgrade Program is designed for trucks that didn’t come factory-equipped with active safety systems.

Bendix also updated its SafetyDirect system to incorporate a series of improved components. A high-resolution forward-looking camera, continuous video recording, increased computing power, on-board connectivity and cyber security, and an optional in-cab driver-facing camera are among the updates.

Bendix also announced a new mobile app for SafetyDirect, which will allow fleet managers to view video on their mobile devices. SafetyDirect Mobile will be launched in the third quarter.


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