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Best Material, Best Service, Best Tarp – The Verduyn Tarp

Posted: August 1, 2014

Best Material, Best Service, Best Tarp – The Verduyn Tarp

At Verduyn Tarps, we pride ourselves in the quality of our tarps. We call our system the Eagle Smart Tarp Retractable Systems. Check out our video, and we will show you what makes our tarp so smart. Our tarps are sectional. If you ever get a really bad tear, rather than replace your entire tarp, you can replace just that damaged section. This will reduce your cost and downtime, getting you on the road faster while saving you money.

We only use high quality 20 oz vinyl available in an array of colours, imported directly from Germany. The cambers on trailers continually get higher and higher with aluminum trailers. We do not give anyone a ‘cookie-cutter’ tarp. We measure numerous points of your trailer deck, and actually custom tailor your tarp to your individual trailer. This ensures that your tarp will be optimally tight, and will increase the life of your tarp immensely. For safety, we give you a full length and width skylight that will allow the maximum amount of light into your trailer, allowing you to see what you are doing while loading.

We can also give you custom graphics, either stenciled on or custom graphics. This way, you can turn your trailer into a giant advertising billboard while you drive. We believe that with the best materials, and the best service, you get the best tarp, and that’s a Verduyn Tarp.



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