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Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid

Posted: November 12, 2014

Castrol Carelube HTG 32, distributed by Wakefield Canada, is a biodegradable hydraulic fluid formulated using vegetable ester oil and additives to prevent corrosion, wear, and oxidation. Unlike conventional mineral hydraulic oils, it’s said to demonstrate superior biodegradation performance in accordance with the CEC-L-33-T82 and OECD 301B test methods. This readily biodegradable hydraulic oil ensures accidental leaks or spills have a reduced impact on the environment.

It also has good shear stability and a longer service life when compared to other vegetable-oil-based hydraulic fluids, says Wakefield. Its “extremely high” viscosity index ensures lubrication and protection over a wide temperature range while helping it to maintain stay-in-grade performance and resist breakdown during high-shear applications.

This new product can be used in a wide range of industries where ISO 32 hydraulic oils are suitable for use. The vegetable-oil base stocks are said to provide superior lubricity as compared to mineral-oil products, which results in less wear and reduced fuel consumption.

Although any spills should be cleaned up and reported in the same manner as mineral oil, Wakefield says the base oils in Carelube HTG 32 will readily degrade in soil and water, and have very low toxicity to bacteria, fish, and assorted soil and stream biota, lessening the overall environmental impact of any residual material.

The new oil comes in 55-gal drums (208 liters or 45 Imp. gal). Wakefield says it’s priced “very competitively for this type of specialty hydraulic fluid.”


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