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BlackBerry Does Radar

Posted: April 12, 2016

BlackBerry has unveiled a new asset-tracking system. Called BlackBerry Radar, the company says it allows carriers to optimize utilization of their trailers and shipping containers, improve on-time delivery, reduce theft, and generate more revenue from each trailer without having to invest in additional IT infrastructure.

BlackBerry Radar features a self-powered tracking device, an ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) platform with cloud-based applications, world-class security, and visual reports for location and status updates of assets.

It’s said to solve the problem of complex user interfaces and infrequent data updates when companies strive to boost their productivity and efficiency.

The system is fully integrated and provisioned, so Blackberry says customers can hit the ground running. Within minutes of installing the tracking device, users can access timely information on their assets to help make “agile” decisions that can dramatically improve an organization’s profitability. Being cloud-based, it’s convenient. Users need only a smartphone, tablet, or computer equipped with a web browser, and they can access information for real-time decision-making.

Taking only minutes to install, BlackBerry Radar encrypts all transmitted data, authenticates the device and cloud endpoints and provides an extensible architecture and rich application programming interfaces.

The BlackBerry Radar is currently being used in a customer pilot program and is scheduled for release this summer.


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