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Boxx Academy trains to fight cyber security threats

Posted: April 10, 2019

Boxx Insurance reports that 67% of cyber security incidents are caused by employee negligence, but says it has a solution in the form of online cyber security training available through Boxx Academy.

Built in a partnership with Hiscox, a Lloyd’s of London underwriter, the academy is designed for small and mid-sized businesses and promises to establish a better understanding of the cyber threats.

The training covers topics such as phishing, social engineering, password safety, device protection, and social media use.

Videos and interactive material are combined with refresher modules to keep cyber security at the top of mind. Each module also features diagnostic assessments to test existing knowledge and ensure that training is tailored to specific knowledge gaps. There are also tests at the end of each module.

It’s available exclusively to all Cyberboxx members as of April 2019, and is delivered in multiple languages including English, French and Spanish.




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